Bagcore: Do You Ever Feel Like A Plastic Bag?


Taiwanese girls are now fashioning American Apparel-style leotards out of plastic bags from the convenience store 7-Eleven.  This news first reached the Western hemisphere via Cosmopolitan, and now Dazed has named the trend “bagcore”.


No one knows why this trend has taken off, or how it came about. Perhaps it’s a move to promote sustainable fashion, or it could be a feminist endeavour. Taiwanese internet celebrities, such as internet queen “Teddy Captain” (pictured above) and Belle Xie (pictured below) have all flaunted Facebook images of themselves posing in their fragile DIY outfits.

Xie captioned this photo with “Shush, I’m wearing a bag. For some reason.”


The following Facebook image was accompanied by the statement: “Sadly, it plays havoc with my back and I must bend over like this all day…”



This is just one in a series of unprecedented style trends that have emerged this year, such as the “health goth” trend, which combines the concept of physical fitness together with goth street fashion, and “prairiecore” which melds normcore, 70’s fashion, and colonial-style prairie garb.


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