Dilma Rousseff appeal smashes Brazillian crowdfunding record


Two guerrilla friends of suspended Brazilian president Dilma Roussef launched a crowdfunding project to help protect her against removal from office. In the first 24 hours, the project named “Journey for Democracy – All for Dilma” received R$ 288,074 from 4006 people, a record in Brazil’s crowdfunding history. The objective is to raise R$ 500,000 until August when the Senate will vote for the last time if she is stripped away from office.

Rousseff was suspended last month after lawmakers voted to proceed with an impeachment trial over claims of manipulating finances. Michel Temer, the interim president, restricted Rousseff from using official airplanes except between Brasilia and Porto Alegre, Brazil’s capital and current address of suspended president and where her family lives.

According to interim president these restrictions are essential to save federal funds, but Rousseff claims it is another attempt to prevent her from talking with politicians, citizens and to promote the parliamentary coup d’etat Brazil is facing. A federal court allowed Dilma to use official airplanes, but only if she or PT, her political party, pays for it.

Guiomar Silva Lopes, 72, and Maria Celeste Martins, 74, decided to help Dilma Rousseff pay for her travelling expenses and so did more than 4000 people. Both met Rousseff in early 70s during Brazil’s military dictatorship while fighting for democracy and they see these restrictions on Dilma as another form of oppression. “The coercive measures against president Dilma are illegal”, claims Lopes.

13% of the money raised goes to the crowdfunding website, 4% turns into taxes and the rest (83%) will be used to support Rousseff’s expenses with travelling. Everyone who donates, from R$ 10 to R$ 5000 will receive the same acknowledgment: a mention on the website dilma.com.br, an autographed digital photo and a thanking video. The website will also present receipts of the money spent in order to be as transparent as possible to the people who made contributions.


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