Google May Be Returning to China


Google left China in 2010 when the government ordered the censorship of many websites and services. Five years later and the company no longer operates in China; but this absence in one of the biggest markets on the planet may be interrupted.  The company expects to achieve the country’s government approval for a Chinese version of its online store Play, which shall operate on devices with Android “M”. This time, Google intends to follow local laws and block applications that the government find objectionable. In addition, the online store will not sell books and movies, as the country’s restriction laws are very serious.

The company is expected to announce soon an exclusive version of Android Wear for Chinese devices and attempt to enter the market by encouraging smartphone makers to update their devices with recent versions of Android.

Previously Google operated in the country independently of the government, and today services such as search and the translator still work, but are subject to interruptions and censorship by state authorities. Apple has managed to enter China with good operating results and Google wants its slice of the pie. It’s so hungry it is willing to approach the government with obedience to all the rules and constraints.


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