The Brazilian Family and its Third World Tour


Last year, Brazil’s Schurmann family known for its history-making sailing adventures around the world (particularly David Schurmann, Reiner Schurmann, and Marcel Schurmann), decided go one step further. In September 2014, the Schurmann family took part in the East Expedition looking for clues to help clarify a theory: that the Chinese would have crossed the globe 100 years before Europeans. For the first time in 30 years of  their adventures, they find themselves engulfed in the bitter wilderness of Antarctica.

The departure of the family Schurmann to the East Expedition - Photo: Felipe Candisani

The departure of the family Schurmann to the East Expedition – Photo: Felipe Candisani

The new experiment marks the début of the third generation on board: Emmanuel integrates Schurmann crew, formed by the couple Vilfredo and Heloísa and their sons: Wilhem, David (land crew leader) and Pierre. Kat, the youngest daughter, died in 2006 and proudly bares the name of the new family sail-boat.

The couple Vilfredo and Heloísa poses in Antarctica - Photo: Pedro Nakano

Vilfredo and Heloísa Schurmann pose in Antarctica – Photo: Pedro Nakano

The Schurmann Family originally made the headlines as the first Brazilians to go around the world using a sail boat.

They have already crossed three oceans and seven continents of the planet with their sailing escapades beginning in 1984. In 1999, the family founded the Family Institute Shurmann, a non-profit organization. The institute aims to contribute to the maintenance of social and environmental quality of the marine and coastal environments. Differently than some imagine, these adventurers are far from meaning irresponsibility; rather, they are methodical and plan each step with meaning – and because of this, they’ve made their hobby into their life.

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