Breaking Bad Themed Cafe Opens in Istanbul


Despite the fact that one of the greatest television series’ of all time, Breaking Bad, finished over 2 years ago, the amount of products inspired by the Primetime Emmy Award winner is crazy. There were the blue sky candies, (mints that look like crystal meth), the Citizen Brick Lego Superlab Playset, the ‘Bathing Bad’ bath salts, the many Walter White Halloween costumes, and many more.

But few will surpass this fantastic addition. Introducing Walter’s Coffee Roaster, the Breaking Bad themed cafe based in Moda, Istanbul. I know what you want to ask, and the answer is no – you can’t cook or consume crystal meth or any other drugs at Walter’s Coffee Roaster. But you can enjoy a lovely meal or cup of coffee, perhaps one that Mr. Walter White himself would have for his breakfast.

Already, the cafe has became the centre of attention in Istanbul. The coffee ‘Super Lab’ is the first in the world, founded by Deniz Kosan, a Turkish entrepreneur, who couldn’t overcome the pain of his favorite TV show ending. (Also, for some bizarre reason, his cousin looks 99.1% pure Heisenberg. Just saying…)

Admirers can “sniff in” familiar surroundings and objects from the show. You’ll find yellow jumpsuits, meth-inspired blue sweets, drinks served in laboratory-style beakers and a giant periodic table on the wall.

For those who can’t get tickets to Istanbul but still would love to experience those “Science, b**ch” moments, there’s good news. In the heart of Hackney Wick, London there is ABQ, a bar inspired by the same Netflix series. Identical to the van used by Walter White and his partner in crime Jesse for crystal meth cooking, this Breaking Bad themed bar-on-wheels offers two hour sessions to visitors  who, helped by on-hand experts, can cook their own crystal blue cocktails. It will run till October this year.

I wonder what the “Game of Thrones” fans will do in return…?











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