The Peace Bus: Meet The Unlikely Team Saving Rural Mexico


‘Creative Solutions to bring sustainability to rural Mexico’

Art and ecology are more similar than one might think. The key to both is creativity. In the artistic world, these skills are used to evoke emotions, promote debate, and to challenge perspectives. When it comes to the environment, a healthy dose of creative spirit is often required. The natural world faces many challenges, and these must be met. In order for this to be possible, creative instincts are vital to produce new and innovative solutions. In Mexico, the creative and ecological worlds merge.

Mexico’s Paz Paz Bus

A ragtag band of artists, scientists, and engineers have come together in an extraordinary campaign to transform Mexico. Jumping into a brightly coloured bus, far from the beaten track, the group hope to use artistic energy and scientific methods to meet the growing environmental challenges in rural Mexico.

The time for a re-energised and multi-talented approach to these issues is now. A rapidly growing population will see Mexico City exceed 21 million residents within ten years. Water, a key life line, is increasingly under strain. In Mexico City, 35,000 litres of water are used each second, and 6% of the population has inadequate plumbing. Sustainable living is not just required for Mexico City. The primary goal of the Paz Paz Bus is to use creative solutions to bring sustainability to rural Mexico. The team have already helped to arm the response to water shortages. By installing systems for harvesting rainwater, the members of the Paz Paz Bus have enabled people to have a reliable store of water. Water systems are only part of their goals. The team have also installed digesters, to produce compost for growing crops.


The bus itself is a perfect symbol of the team’s mission. The exterior was brought to life by vivid colours and the spirit of Mexican street art. Inside, the bus is laboratory on wheels, fully equipped with the tools to tackle Mexico’s ecological challenges.

Art also plays a key role in the mission. Through workshops and theatre, the team brings Mexico’s vibrant artistic heritage to the children of rural communities. Social sustainability is also an aim of the team. ‘Paz paz’ comes from the Spanish for ‘peace’, and this is instrumental in Mexico’s more divided communities. Through art and video projects, including murals and parades, the Paz Paz Bus team hope to unite different groups. By fixing these communities, they hope to bring them together to focus on the common goal of sustainable living. That is surely a fight everyone can get behind.


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[via Al Jazeera]


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