India Introduces Women-Only Building Sites


It is not unusual to see a woman on a construction site, however, it is unusual to see a woman laying the bricks. Thanks to a government scheme in India this notion could be changing sooner rather than later.

A number of internships have been handed out to the women of India for the opportunity to work on a construction site doing physical tasks as a man would and improving their building skills.

Two years ago when the group was formed not many believed that it would work but thankfully they are surely proving them wrong.  If this project is a victory  it will help poverty among Indian women and also open many new doors for them.

A female construction worker has said “At a construction site it is usually a man who helps women lift heavy things, while men are physically strong women are mentally stronger, they just need the confidence to do it. There’s no monopoly of men in this, even those jobs that are physically hard can be done by women too”.

These women are showing dedication and passion for the equalization of economic rights for women by not only taking on this challenge for generations to come, but by going home after a long day of construction work to work further as carers for their husbands and children.

The daily wage received by the women workers is 6 dollars which is half of what a male construction worker can earn. However authorities have said that when skills improve so will their daily wage.

Equal rights for men and women will not happen overnight, however if this project is successful and these women prove to be just as capable as the men, what else is left that they can’t do?

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