Ex Vogue Russia Editor Will Solve All Your Breakfast Problems


What to have for breakfast?

If you are like me and don’t like to spend hours in the kitchen, or simply don’t know how to cook but adore good quality breakfast, the new book by Alena Doletskaya is for you!

The breakfast arguments go on and on. Does one need breakfast? Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Should one eat cereal with milk for calcium or eggs for protein? It really is an understatement to say modern society needs an independent adjudicator to resolve the breakfast issue.

Ex-editor for VOGUE Russia, now editor-in-chief for Interview Russia has launched her book “Morning! 50 Breakfasts” in Waterstones, London.

Breakfast to Alena Doletskaya

“I’m not a professional chef, I’ve never graduated from cooking school; I simply love to eat and even more I love to cook for my friends and family” says Alena, “this is why I have crated 50 simple breakfast recipes with a few funny stories.”

Everyone’s morning starts differently but, as Alena promises, her easy delicious breakfasts will take no more than about 10 minutes of your precious time, and are enough to put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Having maintained a healthy lifestyle despite several high-pressure publishing positions, Alena is well qualified to explore the issue of starting the day with the perfect breakfast. Doletskaya is also well-travelled, having worked across Europe and predominantly in the UK, Germany and Russia. This allowed Alena to sample the entity of breakfast across different cultures.

Nowadays, in the fashion world it’s very difficult to create something fresh and new. Not many fashion designers are capable of it. At the moment it’s all about using the right texture and proportions in new collections and trends. It is the same story in the breakfast world. Only the right texture and proportions amongst the latest trends can make your food appetizing and wonderful.

All money from Alena’s book sales will go to charity organisation “Line of Life” which works on a project of healing ill children with the newest medical equipment.

A Russian Breakfast Menu with a pictured Aubergine delicacy

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