New Dubai Hotel Will Only Use Solar Power


Dubai has been one of my favourite destinations for a few years now, and not only because of having the largest/ tallest/ biggest whatever-it-is, or for its title as “the city of luxury”. It always has something new to offer, to see , to experience, and this time it’s the world’s first fully solar-powered hotel.

Planned for the first half of 2017, the world’s biggest hospitality chain InterContinental Hotels Group is planning to open the 170-room Hotel Indigo in Dubai.

Dubai: Sustainable City

The hotel will be built in Sustainable City which is going to be the cleanest region in Dubai, near the Arabian Ranches. It will use only solar power for its energy needs and will recycle all used water and general waste. The aggregate capacity of solar battery of the hotel will be 10MW and it will host around 2.700 residents.

By 2017, the area hopes to boast a grass amphitheatre, organic farms and using only solar power a shuttle bus will provide transport for those seeking access to down-town Dubai. The technological innovation fails to stop there. Also included in the plans are a solar powered school, a planetarium, and an equestrian centre. All these plans are welcomed by a city planning to be the leading light for self-sufficiency by 2020.

Dubai: Picture of future sustainable city

“The villas will have electricity bills that are 25 to 30 per cent lower than similar sized villas elsewhere,” promised Faris Saeed, the chief executive of Diamond Developers, a real estate company participating in this exciting project.

Personally, I can’t wait to visit the UAE again and stay in this new eco-friendly hotel in Dubai’s cleanest district. It looks like the perfect picture from a movie, right? I really hope it is the first step of many towards a “green” future and a safe environment, not only in Dubai but around the world.

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