India Anticipates Launch of Nexus 6 SmartPhone


Motorola’s new Nexus smartphone, the Google Nexus 6, may be launched as early as 18th November in India. The Nexus 6 apparently resembles the new Moto X smartphone, featuring a 6-inch HD display screen, 13 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera.

India will allegedly be in the first wave of countries that will receive the smartphone. The release of the Nexus 6 still doesn’t have a definitive date, but rumour has it that the device will be available by the first week of December at the latest; apparently, it will most likely be available in the next couple of weeks.

While some have speculated that the Nexus 6 may be too large to hold comfortably, those who have managed to get their hands on the smartphone in advance have largely come to the consensus that its size is not a problem. The 5.96 inch device has a stylish semi-circular base with a 2 mega-pixel front camera.  It also comes with a Turbo Charger so that users can get up to six hours of use with only 15 minutes of charge.

The rival to Apple’s ‘iPhone 6’ has been available for consumers to pre-order to several weeks and the official launch is eagerly anticipated.  “Rather than creating software in the abstract, we work with hardware partners to build Nexus devices to help push the boundaries of what’s possible,” Google SVP Android, Chrome and Apps Sundar Pichai said in a blogpost.

The Nexus 6 will have a price tag of around Rs 40,000 (approximately $651 or £409). The 64GB model with double the memory and storage space will cost more in the region of Rs 43,000. As of now, it appears that the smartphone will be available for purchase at GooglePlay and Flipkart.

With Chinese rival firm Xiaomi due to discuss their Indian smartphone future in the Delhi High Court, the move will help Google further strengthen its position in the global market, where it already commands a lion’s share.


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