“O Espaço Que Se Move” unveiled at Studio-X Rio


The exhibit “O Espaço Que Se Move” (The Space That Moves), opened in Studio X Rio on Tuesday and will run through to Monday, January 30th.

In “O Espaço Que Se Move” (The Space That Moves), the works of artist Deborah Engel explore through photographic works, two video installations and physical “maze-like” installations, the spaces of Rio landmarks including: Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro (MAM), the Palacio Capanema, Parque Lage and Igreja Nossa Senhora do Bonsucesso.

Engel who is well known for her work in Rio since 2002, specialises in photographic and video works that delve into space and time.

Several works included in the exhibit were made in Paris, France and São Paulo. “The other pictures that are out of Rio,” said Engel, ” were made at the Escola Belas Artes de Paris, where I was part of a residency at Cité Internationale des Artes that I did with my husband and fellow artist Siri, and the piece “Escadaria” (Staircase) was made in São Paulo.”

Of the physical installations that will be part of the “O Espaço Que Se Move” exhibit, Engel said, “The idea is to show a new space, imagery, in which the viewer is invited to walk with your eyes. By holding this a Studio-X we are already asking viewers to think in terms of space and their relationships to it. I try to present it in a more poetic form.”

space that moves

Researcher, essayist and Doctor of Literature from PUC-Rio, Frederico Coelho, stated that Engel’s work,”brings noises that break the perfect plan and impeccable geometry,” and that “Deborah shows us that even with eyes wandering through an era full of imagery excesses, the are ways to invent a view of the world that is still an experimental adventure.”


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