Who is Dr. Ambedkar: 10 Facts about the Indian Great


Google has commemorated Dr. Ambedkar with their very own Google Doodle. The doodle itself was applied to the Google homepage in 7 different territories. But who is the great man?

Here are 10 facts about Dr. Ambedkar.

1. Ambedkar’s original name was actually Ambavadekar. But his teacher, Mahadev Ambedkar, spotting his prodigal talent, changed his surname from ‘Ambavadekar’ to his own surname ‘Ambedkar’ in school records.

2. Dr. Ambedkar emphasised the significance and need for the “Grid System” – a method of supplying electricity- which is still working successfully even today.

3. He changed the working hours for Indians from 12 hours to 8 hours

4. He established “Central Technical Power Board” (CTPB) for power system development, hydro power station sites, hydro-electric surveys, analysing problems of electricity generation and thermal power station investigation.
Google has commemorated Dr. Ambedkar with their very own Google Doodle.dr a 1
5. He set up the Central Water Irrigation & Navigation Commission.
6. He was the the first Indian to graduate DSc, Ph.D and double doctorate in Economics in South Asia.
7. Dr. Ambedkar was a “Champion of Women’s Rights in India”. He fought for the empowerment of women, and argued for the equal rights of all women in inheritance and marriage.
8. Had 9 foreign degrees and 12 Indian degrees.
9. Dr. Ambedkar owned a personal library of more than 50,000 books.
10. He was 14th child of his parents.
You can understand why to many, he is the greatest Indian of all.
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