Opinion: Dilma’s ousting was a corporate coup


Brazil is not divided only because of its current political crisis, translated as a kind of “Yankees vs. Red Sox” local. We must recognize that we have been always divided. This is not an ideological dichotomy, but pure and simple class struggle. To realize this, just a little reflection as to when exactly and why pans started beating. Or rather, for whom the pans hit in Brazil?

Just remember how much was common, in a not too distant past, the fact that working class people used to eat meat only on weekends. It was natural to hear: “Today is Sunday, let’s eat meat.” Imagine being born and never having the right to even go into debt? Yes, in the capitalist system, which by the way is in decline, the right to further debt is a kind of “citizenship”.

It turns out that in Brazil, that time, about 70% of the population did not even have the right to be seduced by the pyramidal debt system, which makes us all bank slaves. And this is why the country has been divided: on one side those who were born to “join the party” and on the other, those whose fate has always been to work to make a perfect party for the first ones.

The Brazilian Constitution is one of the most modern and respected in the world, despite its scammers’ loopholes. It is the only one that includes in its text all the precepts of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is beautiful, but has always existed only “on paper”. It was then that, finally, after 500 years of a lot of “fun” of the local elite, emerged to power the iconic union leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Lula symbolized the unusual participation of the descendants of the servants in the illusion of trying to put rules in the “enjoyment”, suggesting menu repertoire, increasing the number of tickets for a more affordable price and, finally, dignifying the service of the waiters and other subaltern.

Parables apart — to “break caste” with income distribution programs and allow workers to finally have access to consumer goods — Lula was one of the best friends of great local and global capital owners. But make no mistake, he did not ascend to power as a Robin Hood in democratic times. Power was allowed to him temporarily.

The profiteering allowed Lula to assume the post of president of the Republic as in those films in which billionaires have fun turning beggars into business for a few weeks. And like in the movies, the humble origin worker surprised: his team put his ideas into practice and suddenly the national and international capitalist world realized how it could be profitable to allow the vast mass of workers to begin to have access to consumer goods.

For this, he was forced to sign a document called “Letter to the Brazilian People” who, actually, made a commitment to the financial market: There will be no major changes in party rules, but more people will be able to participate. Finances aside, politically Lula was the first ruler of the history of the country that fought to try to enforce the words of the Constitution. Nothing more, nothing less.

What the baronage imagined was that one day such servant ideas help to change the correlation of geopolitical forces. On the one hand, it interrupted the dismantling process of local sovereignty strategic enterprises. Petrobras again came to be the Brazilian industry locomotive. Valorization of the minimum salary, very low unemployment rate and the known income distribution policies, have made the economy rise from 13th to sixth in the world rankings.

Suddenly Brazil became a global player, and Lula lead the main tables of the planet negotiations. He began to bother not just local elites, visibly upset by the loss of privileges. The international financial power and their dark forces realized that should act. Because no one would welcome the resumption of power in a remarkable democracy by military way, a more subtle modus operandi was necessary. The plan had already been put into practice in neighboring countries like Honduras and Paraguay.

This is a new way of coups, the “White Scams”. The famous programs of training with those that intelligence agencies considered “possible local leaders” are public knowledge. Outstanding young people in the legal environment that could, within the law, in collusion with the native media (fully bankrolled by Rentier system), take advantage of legal loopholes to overthrow these governments are mapped and recruited.

The so-called “Mensalão” was just a test for this type of coup. A kind of self-centeredness with evil refinement of Lulas’s rival, Fernando Henrique Cardoso (FHC), preferred to see him bleed to his political death: the defeat at the polls. But FHC planned wrong, Brazilians preferred a Lula, though crippled by the systematic assassination attempts of his reputation by the local media, to the neoliberal project. Recalling that later part of the European and American electorate also became this kind of option. Lula and Dilma won because its rivals represented a clearly harmful to the interests of the nation project.

Today the “Carwash Operation” is just a project that functions as a kind of Trojan Horse for the coup: the judiciary staff work together with the big media conglomerates that control how people should think about each subject. Use of a supposed “anti-corruption” was meant as a premise to derail governments. After all, which country has no corruption? Who doesn’t want to see this evil rooted out?

The method can work in any nation whose institutions are not yet fully reliable. Start “discovering” misdeeds of evidence among the players that annoy the world patronage. The press then begins to hammer it and make public opinion quickly absorb the idea that signs are evidences and evidences are proofs. The eyes of suspicious people automatically turn into perpetrators and those judges who do not punish “in the rigor of the law” were certainly co-opted.

From there anything goes: guided investigations, handled depositions and delations, selective leaks, illegal clips of telephone conversations by the President of the Republic, ministers of the Supreme Court and lawyers of the defendants; theatrical actions and abuse of preventive arrest resource to force testimony. Brazil became Guantanamo and nobody realized: they investigated and investigated relatives, who were eternally imprisoned until they delivered the gang members and, preferably, “the leader.

While presidents countries resign to the position before the vexatious exposure situation in the recent scandal of the Panama Papers, here you see the members of the judiciary do turn a blind eye to members of a particular party whose investigations point to the existence of several accounts in tax havens and while systematically persecute others (with no accounts and no evidence) simply because they belong to the ideologically opposite party. The dirty work just received a 70% salary increase.

Dilma Rousseff has even a thousandth of political tact of Lula, but she is an extremely honest and correct president, and that is her problem, apart from being a woman in a patriarchal society. The world watches dumbfounded to her agony against their tormentors, the most corrupt politicians and scoundrels of the country’s history, inflated by engaging media and groups of local protesters financed by the Koch Brothers.

Her struggle is not only to ensure a mandate elected by 54 million Brazilians. It is not only the maintenance of the country’s democracy. Her struggle is for the defense of Brazilians historical achievements threatened by the most disgusting collusion between the political and financial powers of the planet. Politics, unfortunately, is not scouting. Worse, it is said “Brazil is not a country for amateurs”.

The local elite and political opposition, which together are no more than world elites office boys, have a project that have been systematically defeated at the polls. This project cannot coexist with what social welfare workers both want and deserve. Now the world watches a coup in the public square.

But scam artists hypocrisy is such that managed to unite academics, politicians, and artists, historically conflicting political tendencies and even jurists and businessmen known for scathing criticism of the economic policies of Labour governments. They even say there is already a spontaneous movement of repudiation of the coup mobilized by the athletes who will compete at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Scammers hate being called scammers. But then-Vice President (now interim in office) Michel Temer entered the plate just to unify his party on behalf of a project and started using his legend just to blackmail increasing power in exchange for governance.

It was not enough for the plot that he came to power illegitimately and also illegal, Michel Temer, as a kind of obscurantist merchant, arrives with the mission to ensure the continuation of the ancient subjugation process of a people who had been stopped.

The International Monetary Fund, Paris Club, and other representatives of the current market slave system that forces fragile countries to use the people as a guarantee of increasingly unpayable debts, here use the Law of loopholes for the strike again.

The conspiracy was such that, barely signed his interim tenure in office, has exchanged official logo of the government and all ministers and positions of the second tier. Definitely the government of Michel Temer (which the press, now his friend, has started to forget to call interim) knows what was coming.

Its economic recipe is old-known to all, but the profiteering uses up their local media servants to sell as if it were new and infallible: increase in interest rates, decreased wages and flexible labor rights.

Revenue gets even harmful when all the ingredients and machinery are usurped. The result will be the end of the so dreamed social welfare state hard-won, much worse, likely around the country to shame Map of Hunger, which with great effort we got out.

So if beyond the love for the beautiful beaches, the joy of Carnival and the rhythmic wealth or all the cultural diversity that make the fame of the country, if much more than your love for our country is your respect for human rights, please, say no to the coup in force in Brazil.


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